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Hi, I’m Marc Morgan.

In sports, even the most talented teams and players need a top-notch coach. The best coaches use their experience to create wisdom, perspective and judgment. And that helps teams win. The same reigns true in business. Just as sports coaches bring victories, great business coaches bring value.

My keys to building value come from using my experience. With over 40 years of high-level and successful business experience, I have developed a uniquely effective ability to make businesses and executives get results and improve their bottom lines.

"Marc has a rare talent that brings “clarity” to situations. Quite simply, he has the ability to see things others don’t see."

The value of a coaching engagement with me includes:

  • Development of leadership skills that transform organizations
  • Revenue growth as a universal priority
  • Common-sense business analysis and problem solving
  • Making your company a preferred destination for the best talent
  • Mastering the art of cool-headed decision-making


Marc Morgan Atlanta, Georgia

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